7402 Thomas Big Set is a Tomica World Thomas the Tank Engine set that contains Thomas and Bulgy.

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Thomas

x1 Road and Rail Tunnel

x1 Bulgy

x1 Ffarquhar Station

A: x2 Rail Bridge Sides

B: x6 Rail Bridge Supports

C: x4 Curved Rails

D: x5 Straight Rails

E: x1 Stop/Go Rail

F: x1 Sloping Rail

G: x1 Straight Road

H: x4 Curved Roads

I: x2 Sloping Roads

J: x4 Sloping Curved Rails Labeled "A"

K: x1 Half Straight Road

L: x1 Rail Girder

M: x3 Road Girders


Thomas pulled out of Ffarquhar Station. There was much work to be done, and he was late already. "Come Along! Come Along!" he whistled to Annie and Clarabel. As he approached the big red bridge, Thomas saw Bulgy the Double Decker Bus, miserable and bad-tempered as usual. "Pah! Railways are no good. Rip them up! Turn them into roads!" Bulgy scowled as he trundled under the railway bridge. "No good indeed, I'll show him!" thought Thomas, and raced down the track into a tunnel. As Thomas finally pulled into the station, Bulgy was still struggling along a hill. "Peep! Peep!" whistled Thomas to Annie and Clarabel. "Bulgy thinks railways are no good, but our passengers have arrived quicker at this station than his!"

Expand your Big SetEdit

What you need:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, x2 Straight Rails (7480), x1 Rail Girder (7489), x3 Straight Roads (7510), x4 Curved Roads (7513), x3 Road Girders (7515)