7405 Thomas the Tank Engine Set is a Tomica World Thomas the Tank Engine set that contains Thomas and a mini station.

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Thomas the Tank Engine usually works with Annie and Clarabel on his very own branch line. However, one morning, Sir Tompham Hatt, The Fat Controller, asked Thomas to teach the Troublesome Trucks a lesson. Thomas was pleased to be given such an important task, and quickly organized a plan. As soon as the signal turned green, Thomas puffed as fast as he could, dragging the noisy, silly trucks behind. In fact, Thomas went so fast that the trucks couldn't see clearly their surroundings, and as they puffed across the rail crossing, the "TING-A-LING" of the bell really frightened them. Thomas was very pleased with his really useful work. "That will teach the Troublesome Trucks not to bump engines off the rails!" he peeped.

Expand your Thomas the Tank Engine SetEdit

What you need:

(WIP), x4 Straight Rails (7480), x3 Straight Roads (7510), x1 Half Straight Road (7511), x6 Curved Roads (7513), x12 Road Girders (7515), x2 T-Junctions (7519), x1 Road and Rail Tunnel (7522)