7408 Thomas Adventure Set is a Tomica World Thomas the Tank Engine set that contains Thomas and Bertie.

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Thomas

x1 Brown Tunnel Intersetion

x1 Bertie

x1 Long Rail Bridge

x1 Flying Harold Station

x12 Rail Bridge Supports

x1 Signal

x4 Curved Rails

x5 Straight Rails

x4 Straight Roads

x2 Y-Points Rails (1 male and 1 female)

x4 Curved Roads

x2 T-Junctions

x4 Sloping Curved Rails Labelled "A"

x4 Sloping Curved Rails Labelled "B"

x3 Half Straight Rails

x2 Trees

x2 Bridge Girders

x1 Drive Figurine

x1 Stationmaster Figurine

x1 Fat Controller Figurine

Expand your Adventure Set Edit

What you need:

Everything mentioned above, x6 Rail Girders (7489), x1 Long Rail Tunnel (7491), x2 Sloping Rails (7493), x2 Straight Roads (7510), x4 Road Girders (7515), x2 Sloping Roads (7523)