7426 Super Set is a Tomica World set that contains a police car.

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Bullet Express Train

x1 U.K. Police Car

x1 Road and Rail Tunnel

x1 Ffarquhar Station

A: x2 Rail Bridge Sides

B: x6 Rail Bridge Supports

C: x4 Curved Rails

D: x5 Straight Rails

E: x1 Stop/Go Rail

F: x1 Sloping Rail

G: x1 Straight Road

H: x4 Curved Roads

I: x2 Sloping Roads

J: x4 Sloping Curved Rails Labeled "A"

K: x1 Half Straight Road

L: x1 Rail Girder

M: x3 Road Girders

Set Description Edit

In the Super Set, there's lots of action going about town. Train power is delivered by the 2 speed Bullet Express, whizzing around the large outer circuit of the layout, over the suspension bridge and down through the dual circuit tunnel intersection before pulling to a halt at the town station. Meanwhile, the motorized die-cast police car speeds through town. At the top of the hill on the tunnel intersection, there's a patrol point where the police car can keep an eye on all the action. 5 meters of road and rail in total.