Tomy Tomica World: Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends - Thomas Giant Set is a Tomica World, and Motor Road and Rail set by TOMY Tomica World on 1999. It got re-released by TOMY on 2007.

Info Edit

The set includes a Giant Thomas. The face, the back and the buffers act as tunnels which are connected to the track. The Giant Thomas is also able to move its wheels, its eyes, make a whistle sound or play the Thomas theme.

Contents Edit

  • James with Cattle Van and Brakevan
  • Duck with S.C.Ruffey and Toad
  • Diesel with Milk and Fuel Tankers
  • Toby with Henrietta and Troublesome Truck (only in deluxe version)
  • Stepney with Troublesome Truck and Brakevan (only in deluxe version)
  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel (only in deluxe version)
  • Giant Thomas connected to two bottom ovals of track and one higher oval spilt into two lanes
  • Circle tower (only in deluxe version)